Friday, May 25, 2007

More on Foods...

I've broken into the chub of raw food for the cats. I actually like the way it smells. It smells good enough for me to eat!

The cats seem to be very full, and while they aren't attacking it when I put it out, they are eating it. Beasley is not regurgitating it as fast as he takes it in, so he's actually getting nutrition, too. I think that I'm feeding them more at one time, too. I don't want to leave it out to get to room tempertature, since it was frozen, so I keep it refrigerated. I'm feeding about a tablespoon in the morning and a quarter cup in the evening. They also have their crunchies, Innova EVO, and I'm putting the supplement for taurine in their water.

No complaints so far! It's been about 3 days, the food still smells good and they are still eating it.

I have a new goal for the website, too. I'm going to be really working it and trying to make it better. I have a reason, and I'm pretty sure there is another website coming as well, but probably not for a few months.

Later, gator!~

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