Saturday, May 19, 2007

I had a dream....

No, not the grand, social kind of dream (apologies to MLK!). I had a dream overnight that stayed with me and I want to share it.

I was in line at a bank or some place with a high counter. There was a young woman I didn't know with a misbehaving young child - perhaps the child was 2-3 years old. Running around and hanging on mom at all times. She looked very tired and was confused. She was very pretty, dressed well and was barely able to transact her business for being so distracted.

For some reason, I walked up and wrapped my arms around her and gave her a hug. I offered her a place to be safe, to rest and to be worry free for a little while so she could be strong enough and rested enough to deal with her child. She looked at me like I was crazy. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and released her and she left.

As I reflected on her response (still in my dream) I realized that she might be put off by such a direct approach and she probably was very uncomfortable being singled out for help and charity.

Since in dreams, our subconscious is telling us things, and we are represented by all the players, I think that my dream is telling me that I feel very vulnerable, tired and over-taxed (stressed) by the business of my life (the bank) and the other pulls on my time (the child). I think the child represents my internet activities and other efforts at self-expression, pulling at me and wanting attention. It is also telling me what I need to do - offer myself safety, comfort and time to recover from the stress of life and recharge my batteries, and that I can do that - I am in the position to do so. My reflection, that I am uncomfortable being singled out and that I don't like my vulnerability to show, is very true. I hate to be vulnerable or less than strong in any situation (which causes no end of trouble!) but I need to admit this to myself before I can address things. I need to be vulnerable to myself.

Anyway - this was my dream today. May you find the insights you need from it. I hope my analysis shows you a little of me, and perhaps you will learn (in your own life) what you need to learn from your dreams.

However, I thought the dream was interesting and wanted to share it.

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