Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bugs was Spayed

Well, Bugs got spayed & she's just as lovey as ever. My girlfriend took her in Tuesday evening and I got her back last night.

It's funny, I really missed her & was worried about her. The other cats, meanwhile, were really angry that she was gone. I think they thought I'd given her away. I kept telling them that she would be back & hoped it was true. I was really worried - Oh, I said that already, didn't I? The cats were so angry with me, that they hardly cuddled at all.

So, when I got home from work last night & the carrier was in the living room, I called to her. Even before I greeted Beasley! I said "Missy Bugs is Back!" and the cats all knew I was happy about that. They were much happier, too. They cuddled freely last night.

I guess we are a family and that I might as well resign myself to living with 5 cats.

Meanwhile, plans are moving forward to open a pet store in downtown Knoxville. I'm doing the market research right now, and it looks promising. Next comes the estimate of operating expenses and overhead for startup through 18 months. If it's feasible, I'll give the project the green light and find a location that meets my needs. I have 2 neighborhoods in mind, and those are the expenses for overhead that I'm considering.

Taking the online world into the brick and mortar world! What a concept! Don't most people do it the other way around? Well, the website needs to do better before anything can happen, anyway.

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