Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Total Flea Wars-Being busy

I've been so busy, I haven't even been able to do the email for the website in a timely manner! It's been really crazy. I'm hearing noises from the computer, too. I'm afraid it will quit working pretty soon.

The collars I got, "Breakaway" from Vet-Kem, don't seem to be killing the fleas as well as I'd like. I got the Siphotrol & that works well. The Ovitrol is for use on the cats, but it also doesn't work as well as I'd like. I'm having to comb the cats to remove the fleas. Since I can't get a comb on many of them, this isn't working.

I'm going back to the flea drops. I'll be using Advantage. I have 3 cats over 9# and 2 cats under 9#, so that's the split I'll be getting.

I had hoped to get the odor control stuff instead, and finances being what they are, I can only do one thing at a time. BUT, fleas are something I can't put off.

I received an email asking me to speak in New York about Cat Whispering. We'll see where it goes, but I'm certainly flattered.

Well, at least I've caught you up... Gotta run!

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