Monday, January 14, 2013

Cats Pouting...

My cats are pouting right now. Beasley is so upset, he won't sit on my lap at all.

You see, I drove away for two weeks this morning, heading off for school. I have a new home for the cats (with me) beginning February 1st, but until then, the cat caretaker will have to do.

I began the heavy packing and Beasley just hid out in the bedroom. That gave Queenie license to take over. She is such a little devil-cat! She really wants to run the household.

Queenie sat on the arm of my chair, got in Beasley's face in the morning while I was setting the food out, and chased Princess around the house. She's really getting bold.

Bugsie wanted nothing more than cuddles, and insisted on them for a good three days before I left. She was on my lap, coming up to my pillow at night, and just being a real pain in the you-know-what. She clawed me several times, and the bunny kicks that I've been working with her about came back.

Princess got bold enough to jump on my lap about every hour. She stopped running away from me when I entered the room around her food bowl. Usually, I get my morning coffee after I feed the cats and go sit down in the room where I feed Princess. She has been pretty spooked, and had to be coaxed to return. Not this week - she insisted that she was going to eat her breakfast. I'm glad to see that.

I gave them a couple cans of Fancy Feast that my pet supply store gave me during a promotion. I don't give them fish very often, after Fluffy's reaction, deterioration and consequent death from it. I know it wasn't just the food being such high-quality protein, but knowing that fish can strain their systems, I limit fish-based foods to once a week at the most. Princess really likes this food, so she just chased Queenie and Beasley away from her bowl and then went on to empty theirs. That's a real first for her!

So, it will be a tough couple of weeks before I see them again. And then it will be another week before they get to move here with me. And our "stuff" will follow after that. They will actually have the apartment all to themselves during the crazy packing and moving party going on that I can't even supervise.

Have you ever moved and had to have everything done by others? That's my situation. It's very uncomfortable. I just hope that stuff doesn't grow legs and walk away or become shards instead of the items I'm used to. I trust my friends doing the packing, but it's still an uncomfortable situation.

BTW - the "Professionals" I talked to - they all rubbed me the wrong way. Red flags going off. So, I'm guessing this is what is supposed to happen....

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