Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fleas, Yowling, Bells, and Giggles....

Last night, Beasley started yowling and wouldn't stop. He finally went and did something else, only to start up again sometime in the middle of the night. I tried to reassure him, but I'm not allowing the cats into my bedroom right now.

When I got up this morning, I noticed one of the fabric mice he is fond of carrying around while he yowls around it. This makes for a particular kind of yowling... I gave him a big hug and he purred. I went into the kitchen to get their breakfast, and Queenie was pushing a ball with a bell around. She even invited Bugsy to play! I giggled, and each time I did, she ran away, only to return a few minutes later.

I guess they aren't used to my giggles!

What this all means, of course, is that they are feeling better. The fleas have stopped tormenting them so much and their health is returning.

I have a little more to do to completely eradicate the fleas, but we are close. We are living on the concrete foundation of the house, but that's OK for now. I plan to put down 24 x 24 cork tiles for flooring, which provides a thermal break from the concrete while maintaining a hard floor, which is not as friendly to fleas as the carpet was.

However, I still have a little carpet to pull up in the bedrooms and linen closet (?), and then to flea-bomb the house twice before I can say we are fully flea-free. I also need to de-flea the property outside - using bombs and sprays. Each visitor who comes to the door potentially carries fleas with them, which is how we got them in the first place.

Meanwhile, it's nice to see the cats behaving more like cats. They are having fun, playing, sleeping soundly, and when they are snuggling, it is not so they can get away from the fleas.

And I love to see this interaction between them. Queenie is such a dominant cat, and she selected Bugsy. Bugsy is our biggest instigator! She seems to purposely get into the other cats' way to get involved with them and their games. This causes her to be cuffed quite a bit, but it's all done with love, and no one gets hurt. She needs a home of her own, where she can be loved and snuggled and held as much as she wants and deserves, but she is with us, with four litter mates.

Bugsy was very ill for a while - I was giving her fluids and hand-feeding her to keep her going. During the deepest part of her illness, she would not move from my chair. I think the others noticed that I would not let her get away with just giving up or feeling sorry for herself. I set her at the food bowls, kept her off my chair, and got her moving as soon as she was able. She can sit on my chair, but only when I'm there, not all the time like she did.

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