Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cat Litter Trial

I got a different cat litter this time. I am trying "Nature's Miracle Cat Litter" made from recycled paper products. I got two of one style- the Odor Control, and one of another- Low Tracking.

So far, the results:
The Odor Control litter has a strong scent right out of the bag. Cedar, or something like it. However, it's very light, and easy for me to carry. It clumps well, and it is very easy to remove the clumps and solids from the box. If the urine begins to change over to ammonia (as in, if you leave it 24 hours), it begins to turn green on the affected particles.

The Low Tracking formula does not clump very well. I've had to be very careful removing the clumps from the box because any shaking to remove the "good" litter from a clump can make the clump fall apart. It also sheds a greenish substance on my scoop, which I assume is from the deodorizer crystals. It does seem to track a little less, but it still tracks out of the box. The particles are very small. Again, it is very light weight, so it is easy for me to handle.

I would try the Odor Control first, and recommend it over the Low Tracking formula, but if you have your litter box on carpet, the Low Tracking may be more to your liking.

I purchased all three bags of litter at my local pet supply store, with no coupons or price breaks. They were about $12/bag. For comparison, I usually spend $12-$16 for a 40 pound box of Tidy Cat every month to fill 3 litter boxes; and this purchase cost me $38, including tax.

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