Friday, April 15, 2011

Product Review: Advantage II

I got some Advantage II last time instead of the regular Advantage. For clarification, I always get the purple package, as all the cats are over 9 pounds.

I got a pack of 12, which covered the cats for 2 months with 2 applications left over.

I'm not really happy with it. The regular Advantage kills the fleas. Advantage II also kills the larvae and eggs, which is why I got it. But it doesn't seem to kill the fleas (full sized adults) as well.

I have carpet, and the fleas live in it - they lay eggs and the carpet is full of eggs now. Even after multiple vacuumings, it seems we are inundated with fleas. It's even worse since I applied the Advantage II.

I'm using my premise spray (Siphotrol) and salt. I tried the diatomaceous earth, but it plugged up my vacuum so bad that it stopped working, and I had to fix it. So, I'm back to salt.

That's my report. If things get better, I'll let you know.....


Anonymous said...

I recently purchased Advantage II for the first time also. Ordered it from Drs F&S as usual,have been getting regular Advantage but they only offered Adv. II. I do not like it one bit. It does not kill the fleas like it used to. I have had to re-dose my cats 2 times and we still have fleas. Never had this problem with regular Advantage so returning what's left of product and trying to find something else that will work. Also contacting Bayer Vet. Services (manufacturer) to let them know about the problem. Poor cats are itching like mad!

Morgen said...

If it worked as well as Frontline, that would be OK, but it doesn't even do that.

Charles Lucas said...

I also have been using Advantage II for several months. It does not seem to kill the adult fleas. I contacted Bayer and they sent me two boxes with 6 applications each. They said I needed to use it for several months to give it time to break the cycle of flea life in my home. I could not understand why they would have active adult fleas on them after being inside for 24 hours. It says it kills them in 2 hours after the initial 12 hours of application. After using the free samples and purchasing two more months worth there is still no improvement. It seems to work for a week maybe two and then I would have to reapply. I just put on my last two several days ago and once again they have fleas. I know they are not in my home anymore. Even Bayer will have to concede to that because they said this product will kill fleas in the environment after two months. It gets spread on not only the cat but around the home also.