Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cat Litter Review

I tried the "Cat It" litter and my experience is this...

The cats were very suspicious. There is an additive that they detected and didn't trust. Once they started using it, the litter is great.

I've had it out for about a week, and my thoughts are that it would be good for a freshly de-clawed cat. The grains are small, like play sand, which I normally recommend. However, if you like the convenience of clumping litter, this is an excellent alternative.

There is little dust. However, while I didn't notice dust when I filled the box, I did notice some when I was digging around and cleaning out the box. This may actually be body powder, though, since the litter box is in my bathroom, and everything gets covered with powder in there... I will check back again mid-week, after I've cleaned it again.

For the record, I did not get this litter free or at a reduced price. I purchased it at a retail outlet in Knoxville, Agri-Feed, which carries certain items I like, including the "PawBreaker" catnip ball.

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