Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Job, Diversions for Cats

I started a part time job a few weeks ago, and my cats became very lonely. They were used to me working at home, and always being there for snuggles and clicking away at the keyboard. So, I got them a kitty DVD as a diversion.

I've used the bird feeder for about a year now, and that works well. We have finches, cedar waxwing, sparrows and cardinals pretty much year round. We use a good seed mix.

I also get the songbird mix, and put it on pine cones that I've collected. I take the pine cone and put some peanut butter on it, filling all the crevices really well. Then, I roll it and press bird seed into the peanut butter. I freeze it so that the seeds become set, and then I hang it outside from a tree. The pine cones are recyclable, and can be reused next year. Just be sure to keep them frozen when you aren't using them in the landscape.

So, my cats are adjusting to me being gone several hours during the day. It's so important to keep them entertained!!! If I don't things could get nasty... Cats and dogs left unattended can be very destructive.

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