Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Scoop-N-Smooch Technique

The "Scoop-n-Smooch" technique is used to promote a cat's well-being and to allow a cat to feel special in a household of many cats. It promotes bonding with the human elements in the home. It can be perpetrated on the cat by one or all humans in a home, depending on the needs to the cat.

The actual technique is simple:
Pick the cat up and hold like a baby. Kiss the cat on the head, shoulders, chest, face or cheeks - where ever you feel comfortable kissing the cat. Then gently place the cat on the floor on his or her feet.

Now, the timing is what makes this technique work!
The human will do this to the cat each time the human returns from outside. It is very important that it is done each and every time the human returns! It doesn't matter if the human was at work for hours, went to the mailbox, or just to check the sprinkler in the back yard. Each and Every Time!

The cat will resist, particularly at first. This is to be expected. Even later, when the cat expects it, the cat may well resist. This is to show the other cats in the house that the subject is "above that sort of thing" but don't believe it! The cat will expect this treatment and will actually pout if the treatment is not given.

Why would a human servant of cats do this? Well, if a cat is grieving, or having other emotional issues that cause stress; or if there is a recent change in the household that causes the cat to feel left out, such as a new pet or baby. The Scoop-n-Smooch treatment helps the cat to feel special, and lets other animals in the house know that the cat getting the treatment is special to the food-givers.

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