Sunday, March 25, 2007

Taking My Own Advice

I'm taking my own advice and getting ready for spring. I've been brushing, combing and FURminating the cats for the last couple of weeks. Even though they are wearing the Breakaway Collars so that there are no fleas, I found a flea. So, I went to Entirely Pets and ordered some Advantage drops.

It looks like Bugsy has graduated to the purple, but Queenie is still in the orange. I ordered 12 purple and 4 orange. There is a new formulation I'd like to try, the "Advantage Plus" but you need a prescription from the vet to order it. It takes care of ear mites as well as fleas. I'll talk to my vet and see if I can get a prescription FAXed over to them.

My order was just under $130 so I got free shipping and took advantage of a $3 off coupon from the newsletter.

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