Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Choose the Best Food for Your Cat

Cat's digestive systems aren't designed for carbohydrates or cereals. They just poop it all out and don't get any nutrition from it. It's just a filler. Protein is what they need, and they need it from animal sources. Fish needs to be used sparingly, but most cats love it. Once a week, a taste, that's fine. I found that out the hard way, when my Fluffy got sick. I had them on fish for about a month, and suddenly she dropped half her weight. Her kidneys about shut down, and now she's on life-support. If she makes it, it will be a miracle, but her vet says it's end-stage kidney disease. That's why I say to use beef or chicken, and duck, rabbit, lamb, or venison in a combination with beef or chicken.

Feeding our cats is so different than what we eat, and their dietary needs are so misunderstood by most cat owners. Even me. I've had to learn all this stuff, talking to vets and experimenting with my own cats. It may be cruel to experiment on my cats, but if I can keep someone else from losing their cat, then it's a good thing. Pet food makers are out for the most money off the cheapest ingredients they can use. That's just the story. I don't blame them, cause everybody is out to make a profit in business. But if it causes harm, then I advocate against it.

Most of the pet food producers don't know the harm they do. They look at calories, protein and vitamins, and get people to say that the food is good according to their organization. There is an organization that regulates pet foods specifically. They use research and tell us what is good or bad, but just like all other organizations, they can be influenced by money. The money that supports the organization, most of the time, comes from the producers of the foods. They don't get government money, or money from you and me. So, they are going to say that the foods are good for pets. Only by trial and error can a pet owner know what works for their pet.

I'm here to tell you what really works and what really doesn't. I get paid from you, not from the pet food makers.

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