Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fluffy Got a Bath

I gave Missy Fluffers a bath the other day. No, I didn't take photos. She did fairly well. I couldn't find the vaseline to put in her eyes, but the shampoo didn't get there, only the rinse water. She doesn't look too good because I used cream rinse to make sure she wouldn't have mats. It didn't work, and didn't rinse out very well. I guess it's a good thing she doesn't groom herself anymore. At least she doesn't have any more fleas!

Yep, she's really weak. She got on my lap once this past weekend. Only once. She is affectionate, but seems tired. She just wants to sleep and lol around in the sun. It was very warm yesterday and I opened the windows for a while. She got up in the windowsill, then laid in the cat tree - her favorite place - and sunned for a while.

She loves her wet food, and that's probably what's keeping her going. They each get 1/4 can of food a day, spread over 2 feedings. I have to spread it or Beasley gets sick. He still gets sick, but not so much as he does if I give him more at one time.

I don't know if Fluffy will make it this next two weeks until I get home again. I have several friends watching her and the others. There is a vet we can take her to, if we need more fluids.

Like "if" is possible at this point. Of course she needs more fluids...  Poor baby.

I wonder if she was saying goodbye last night, when she got on my lap. She didn't stay very long, just long enough to be uncomfortable. One side is very tender, and the other you can pet without her flinching. She tends to lay on the tender side, possibly protecting it. But it hurts her, so she moves around and seems restless, without being restless, if that makes any sense. She gets comfortable, closes her eyes, and dozes. She still wants to be around all the action.

As long as she wants to stay, I'll help her stay.

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