Monday, January 11, 2010

Oy! Vet day!

Yikes! I tried to get all the cats to the vet on the same day - didn't work.

I got Beasley, Fluffy and Bugs in. Queenie took a big chunk out of my hand and Princess took cover, nowhere to be found.

It will probably take a good 2 weeks for my hand to stop throbbing and the muscle to fully heal. She got me in the middle of the back of the hand, right down to the muscle, and it totally disabled my hand for about 15 minutes. Not a good bite for me, but an excellent defensive tactic on Queenie's part. The funny thing was, I had full control over her paws and her body. She couldn't get away. She squirmed, bent over and bit down hard.

Maybe if I'd let go, she wouldn't have gotten the second bite in...

Live and learn.


I'll get her in later, I guess.

Claustrophobia isn't just for people, I guess. The small confines of a carrier can terrorize a cat.

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