Sunday, June 28, 2009

Disclosure of Payment Arrangements

In response to this post...

I am paid by my merchant partners when you purchase through the links I provide in my reviews. I do not accept free products or gifts for these endorsements. I actually purchase the products at the same price you get them.

I agreed to terms and conditions to become an affiliate partner. This arrangement is similar to a commission earned by a sales person. I use or have used each product I discuss; except for books, which meet the needs for educational programs I've found for you, or have been recommended by my friends. I purchase my own selections from the book merchants to be sure the process works correctly for you. That is my trust-building relationship with the merchant.

If you prefer to purchase the products without using my links, I hope you will. The merchant should not suffer because I recommend their product. However, it does help to pay for the cat food for 5 cats if you purchase using my links.

Thank you.

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