Saturday, April 19, 2008

Massive Upload Happened!

I did a massive upload of more flea meds! Man! I had NO IDEA there were so many!

I added as many of the "natural" products as I could ferret out, too. So EVERYTHING is there!

There were so many, that I moved them to their own page. No rhyme or reason - mostly just "as loaded" in the list - not alphabetized yet. That will happen - will have to happen - soon!

Go ahead and download whatever documents you want to read about. There is one website, the rest are all pdf documents.

I guess I should offer the reader too???

Yikes! And I got my first exchange link from a lady with a site. She sells flea meds, but she isn't that much competition. I have a lot more information, but she's a good source for EPA approved meds for now.

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