Saturday, April 19, 2008

EPA Information US & AU

I got into an email exchange with a fellow who found a similarly named outfit selling "generic" flea meds on eBay. Wow!

I did some research and decided not to change the site name. Instead, I took the tack of exploring EPA approval and registration. I found an article which I partially reprinted (with a link to the source article) and got some government lists of approved chemicals and regulations about the process. I made a conscious choice to only promote or discuss products that are branded or registered.

I got hold of these two government documents - for Australia and the US - and I make them available to you.

Pesticides are dangerous! Don't mess around with "generic" stuff. You don't know what strength they are, how old they are, or if there are any additives or by-products that adversely affect the behavior of the chemicals. Drugs and pesticides have expiration dates for a reason!

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