Friday, July 06, 2007

Help Needed - Voting Results :)

I've been analysing the results from the pretty kitty contest. It seems that some of my visitors have pretty good programming skills, or they paid someone to click a certain button - or perhaps its just a glitch someplace.

However, on analysing the results, it seems that Rohan is the actual winner by IP addresses. By sheer number of clicks, it's Katie.

By IP address, the results are: Rohan #1, Rebecca #2
By sheer clicks, the results are: Katie #1, Rohan #2

Several folks clicked their kitty more than once, which is to be expected. Several of the IP addresses picked more than one kitty, coming back for the second click. However, there were over 900 clicks and only 181 visitors. That told me the results were terribly skewed. The strange results are in 10-second increments, so I know something isn't right.

Now, my dilemma is: Who is the winner???? Should I go by clicks or by IP address?

Post your opinion and I'll keep a tally, voting on this issue closes at midnight EDT, 7/11/2007. In this case, IP address and identity count, so only vote once - give your reasoning - I need the help.

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