Friday, June 15, 2007

Been Quite a While!

My, it's been a while! Things have been a little strange in the home so I've been working on that instead of the internet. I got a client to develop 2 websites, so I got started on that. I had some trouble with the computer, mostly because I don't know anything about Mac or the Tiger OSX system. I've had to learn.

I have posted some reader stories on the site, and I've been working on some articles for future posts. I've put out a newsletter special issue, but it isn't saved as an archive because I didn't want non-subscribers to have access to it. It's about submitting photos for a photo contest, but only the recipients of the newsletter issue are eligible to enter.

So, more stuff coming up, and I'm just working on things the best I can. Subscribe to the RSS feed from the site if you want to keep current. The "blogs" do not duplicate, but between this one and that, you will be pretty up to date.

I'm not working outside the home, and all the "temp work" dried up right after I made the change. Then, because I wasn't technically fired - but could not work in those immoral conditions - I can't collect unemployment. I'm praying really hard right now for some opportunities to come my way.

I know that God has us all in the palm of his hand, but I always have doubts. God provided 2 small bookshelves so I didn't have to go out and buy them, but I still have doubts! Why? God takes care of me in so many ways, but I never trust Him to provide for me. He always does! I just need to increase faith and believe in all of me that He will provide better for me than I could ever do myself, and it will be that way. "Ask and it shall be given" Matt 7:7, but still....

Well, I have work to do so I can accept all those photos! And I sincerely hope that I can reduce the file sizes or they might not get uploaded! So, pray for the US postal system and pray that my finances don't fall apart, that I have the faith to hold strong - things are getting pretty tough and I'm getting scared.

You know, fear is the biggest problem.

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