Friday, December 30, 2011

Does Your Cat Caress You?

Does your cat caress you with his tail? That's a sign of deep affection.

I've noticed my cats will come to me and rub against me, then lean in at the tail end, with their tails toward me from the base to tip. This is the start of a caress.

Other times, I've noticed Beasley, since it's his spot in the bed, lay with his back to me, and put his tail up (if he were standing) and caress my arm. He actually wraps his tail around my arm and moves it up and down, like he's petting me.

Fluffy likes to lay on my lap, and will wrap her tail around my middle. If I move her tail to something that looks more comfortable for her, she will move it back to where she had it. She then twitches the tip of her tail to "pet" me. It's a way of saying "thank you" for the lap space.

Cats have many uses for their tails. Check your cat's tail out and let me know how s/he uses it...

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Anonymous said...

my cat does that also,i can feel the love. He is a feral cat that adopted me as a kitten. He is afraid of people but a love kitty with me.