Monday, November 21, 2011

Articles of Interest

I have some "google alerts" set up and this week these articles caught my eye. I'm sharing now, and in the e-zine.

Article on overweight pets

A neighborhood in need of a TNR Program

Stray cats vs. birds

Anti TNR for the birds' sake


RooPlusTwo said...

I am here to explore an option I hadn't thought of before tonight, cat whispering, to help my kitties be less stressy and quit peeing outside of their litter box. I can't tell if you're a pay site or a friendly site, so I'll post my situation and you let me know.

I have a 12 girl kitty and a 5 year old boy kitty. I adopted them 4 years ago, while single. I have since fell in love and had twins. And moved to our home, where my kitties have begun peeing. On clothes, carpet, chairs, towels, floors... For at least 8 months all over my house. I still love them, they sleep in my bed... We "play"... But since my twins' arrival they have begun the massive urinating. I have two litter boxes far from one another. They are able to escape and rest comfortably away from my toddlers. I took the to the vet- he gave UTI shot just in case, but found them to be healthy. Has given us a kind of animal Prozac. It may have worked for a little while, but I found pee again and have stopped the pills, since they are an uphill battle.

I am freaking desperate to not have to give them to the shelter. My husband is trying to be loving through this, but the smell stresses him, too. I'm so mad at the cats that I often call them mean names :( I'm so freakin frustrated!!! I have a large plate and some large portions with my twin toddlers.

Anyway, sorry to invade your blog with a pee issue. I am just want to live together peacefully.

Cheers kitty whisperer,


Morgen said...

Go to the website,

There are pages and pages of stuff to help you. If you can't find what you need, use the contact form or leave your e-mail address in another comment.