Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Sleeping Leads to Productive Hours??

beasley and queenie on chair
My wonderful Beasley is afraid of storms, and we've had plenty.  And my girls have been snuggly, so the kitties have been visiting me in bed.  In the process, they wake me up.

The bed I currently have is very shaky, and when they jump up, the whole thing jiggles.  Consequently, I wake up.  Since I don't sleep all that well anyway, I tend to just get up - after an hour or so.

This could be anywhere from 2am to 5am.

I go to the computer after I've made my coffee, and I tend to end up at the site.  So, I've updated the "About Me" page and re-ordered the "About" section.  I've put together a few e-zine issues and gotten the next one ready to go out on April 1. 

Bugs hanging on chair back

Fluffy on Duffel bag
I review the pages, update here, tweak there.

I took off all the articles that I'd collected except for 2 of them, that weren't published elsewhere.  That had to do with the newest "Google dance" and something website publishers and search engines call "duplicate content."

Of course, not sleeping leads to other problems, and I have those, too.  But last night I locked them all out of the bedroom and got a good night's sleep.  Every now and then, I do that, just to put my body to rights. I still got up before the alarm went off.  By 2 hours!

If there is anything you would like me to address, let me know.  Reply to your e-zine issue, and I'll answer you.

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Traveller said...

Cute pictures:)That's adorable them getting scared and leaping into your bed.I thought I was maybe the only one who doesn't sleep well cuz of my the room and out the room constantly. :)