Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cost of Cat Foods!!

I just went to the pet store for more cat food. The dry, cheap stuff... NOT!

It wasn't cheap, that is...

If I get the stuff with no corn or wheat fillers, it runs about $10 for a 3.5 pound bag. Expensive!

Bugsy is allergic to both wheat and corn. It gives her diarrhea and bloating, and she never seems to get filled/sated. She's always looking for food.

This is a common problem with cats and these grains. Cats should not be fed grains. Not all cats want wet foods - as is the case with Bugs. She doesn't care for the wet food at all. She wants her crunchies.

I bucked up and paid the premium, but how many of us can do that these days? I'm not rich, either. We're all in the same boat these days.

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