Friday, October 16, 2009

Change in Pecking Order

Well, Miss Princess is no longer my alpha cat...

I've been noticing that she is losing weight. Not enough to be really in a health crisis, but she is losing weight. Her fur is good, she is not dehydrated, and she seems healthy. She is snuggly, but still does not want to be picked up or held.

I was playing with the cats in the living room yesterday for the first time since we moved. They've had toys out, but I actually got out DaBird and played with them.

I noticed that each time Queenie would show up, Princess would cringe and cower to the ground. That tells me that something happened - probably just before we moved - and that Queenie is now the alpha.

Queenie has become "kissy kitty" and will get up on the arm of the chair when I'm sitting in it and "kiss me" repeatedly - nudging her nose/muzzle on my chin or nose - or even mouth!

These two behaviors, combined, tell me that the pecking order has changed. Princess is still a beautiful baby, and she knows I love her, but she is no longer telling me what to do.

She comes and asks, she snuggles, and will do the "hit-and-run" snuggle. But she stopped doing the prolonged "getting up on the arm of my chair" when I'm working late. She used to really demand that I quit and pay attention to her. She's not doing that any more.

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