Saturday, April 11, 2009

Missy Flufferdoodle!

Well, still no good photos. Not for lack of trying! She lays on things that reflect too much light or are too dark to show her properly.

She has taken to being a lap-cat. I'm not averse to a lap cat, but every time I sit down, she comes over. Enough already!

Females always seem to be lap cats more than males. My boy, Mr. Beasley, will sit on the back of the chair and head-butt and cuddle from there. Queenie will do that or be on the arm of the chair. But Flufferdoodle (Fluffy) wants to be right on my lap, in my face, and goodness! If I'm eating, she needs to have her nose in it.

This place is too small for a true dining area, considering all the other things I do. So, I tend to eat in my recliner off a TV table. I can't wait for the new house! My dining set will get heavy use!

Anyway, Miss Fluffy is just very snuggly and actually gets upset when she can't have my lap for a little while. She comes back several times before she finally goes to sleep in the chair across the room - the cat's chair.

That chair is covered with cat hair, but protected from it, too. I have cushions and covers on the chair itself, and they lay on them - getting their hair on the covers. I clean it about once a week deeply, but by the end of the week, it's pretty covered with hair.

I also finally got the Ivermectin into her ear. She continued scratching for about an hour or so, but she finally stopped scratching that ear.

All is good.

Happy Easter to you....

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