Thursday, January 31, 2008

Princess' Ear

Princess' ear has another hematoma. She had surgery just a few months ago. It cost quite a bit, and I questioned at the time because part of the ear was left pristine. Well, it ballooned up last night.

I'm really not sure anymore. I go to the vet, see a tech in the exam room - I never even see the vet anymore! Are there vets running the business? Are there vets doing the surgery? I wonder. All you ever see around here is the techs.

And the price/cost has more than doubled! Must be from paying all the help. But if this is the quality of work, I'll have to find a new vet. I'm supposed to be going to the best in the area, but she hired some new vets - or brought them into the practice however she did it - and the quality went way down while the price went way up. Not a good bargain in my mind.

And quality - well, if you have to bring the cat back for the same thing when you questioned it at the time - well that says it all, don't you think?

So, Fountain City Animal Hospital in Halls, TN is no longer the place to go. Find someplace else.

Reaction to person who commented - there is no excuse for rudeness, discourtesy or uncivil conduct. If you go to a professional office, you expect to see a professional. Vets routinely charge more and more for the same thing they did a while back - while some of that is just inflation, some sounds to me like they are gouging the clients. A courtesy face-to-face is always expected at their office. Any staff member who has access to charts should not necessarily be allowed to make comments in them. When I got Princess' records, AFTER the notes from surgery, at the bottom of the page, the office girl made her comments. Shouldn't those kind of comments be made BEFORE surgery???? No, because I had trouble with the $$ amount of the billing, she made snide remarks in the chart. The amount of the bill cost twice my rent. That's too much.

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Anonymous said...

Could it be possible that the vet where you go is just extremly overwhelmed with the amount of animals he or she has to treat - after all, people do not always spay/nueter pets and as a human nurse, I know how comparible that problem is.Maybe you always only saw the techs because of the vets workload -they work hard. I do want to comment on the snide remarks from the 'desk girl' -that is rude. She should be proffesional no matter what she thinks. I don't know the whole situation with your poor kitty and the vet's office but I only hope your cat is doing well. That's what matter's!